Michael Grinberg

I currently train a range of individuals and companies based in the Rhein-Main region and other parts of Germany, as well as online using specialised meeting and training software.

I have years of experience teaching English at world-renown companies such as Adidas, AXA, Commerzbank, Henkel and Unilever in Germany and Russia, as well as dozens of individuals. I would be thrilled to help you develop you communication skills in English wherever you are!

Face-to-face and Online

Although I spend most of my time in Koblenz, Rheinland-Pfalz, some of my training takes place in places as remote as Bonn and even Frankfurt. My clients are private individuals, companies and language schools. I use some cutting-edge tools for online training, which allows me to teach individuals and groups of up to 6 people all over the world.

Topics and Goals

All of the following topics are available both in online and in face-to-face contexts, to individuals, groups and corporate clients.

Business English

  • Emailing
  • Effective meetings and negotiations
  • Telephoning, skyping and telephone conferences
  • Presentations and public speaking skills
  • Networking skills and small talk in English

General English

For Beginners

  • Communication Basics
  • Getting Fluent and Overcoming Blockages
  • Vocabulary 101: Learning your first few hundred words and expressions
  • Language Elements: The Basics of English Grammar

For Intermediate Learners

  • ‘Open Your Ears’. Fast-track to understanding native speakers (and beyond)
  • Mastering expression. Communicating emotions and shades of meaning in English.
  • ‘How would you say?’ Translate any expression from your mother tongue in less than 20 seconds and don’t rely on expert speakers for correction.
  • Achieving accuracy and making fewer mistakes in writing and in speech
  • The system of English grammar

English for Job-Hunting

  • Processing and understanding job descriptions
  • Writing a CV that sells
  • Application forms and cover letters
  • Job interview preparation
  • Phone calls, making small talk with recruiters, discussing salary etc

English for IT specialists

  • Developing your reading skills: understanding professional forum posts, docs etc
  • Technical writing. Producing documentation that is easy to read. Docs, specs, comments etc
  • Taking part in professional meetings and conferences.
  • (New!) Internet chatting skills for work (using Slack and similar systems in English)

International Certified Examinations

  • TOEFL / IELTS / TOEIC / PTE Academic
  • TELC
  • Cambridge English: Key, Preliminary, First, Advanced, Proficiency
  • GMAT Verbal
  • Language support for ACCA, CFA and other professional certification programmes

For Language Teachers and Business Trainers

  • Teaching one-to-one
  • Group dynamics, pairwork activities and games
  • Getting your students to speak English in the class
  • Teaching vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation and discourse
  • Teaching Listening. What’s the difference between listening practice and skill development?
  • How to motivate your students to read more?
  • Developing writing and translation skills
  • Applied psychology and language training
  • Course planning and syllabus design
  • One-to-one supervision for language trainers. I watch / listen to a recording of your class and give you detailed feedback and recommendations.